Our Services

<h1>Material Sourcing</h1>
J. Rotherham source only the highest quality Grade A materials, with experience and relationships with suppliers developed over several decades. An expert understanding of the various stones and the nuances in manufacturing them so they are ultimately presented to you at their finest is the bedrock upon which the company has built its reputation.


<h1>Template and Site Survey</h1>
<strong>Laser Templating</strong>
For the best quality and service, all our luxury worktops require an initial template that takes place once the cabinet units are in situ.
J. Rotherham only employ the very best template professionals who have passed our exacting courses, and with state-of-the-art laser measuring equipment, our technology and standards are the highest in the industry.

<strong>Site Survey</strong>
Our template service is not just a measuring exercise, it is also a Site Survey where our professionals will guide you through the details and discuss your requirements with you to ensure that the worktop is being made to the exact specification you require.

This will ensure details such as the sink, tap holes, drainer grooves and hob etc are all located in the best positions. It is also at this stage that the Health &amp; Safety risk assessment is carried out to make sure that your worktop is fitted without any risk to personnel or damage to your property. Enjoy the advantage of a truly bespoke service!
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J. Rotherham were the first company in the industry to introduce CNC technology in 1988 and were at the forefront of innovation once again with the first Robotic stone working machinery to enter the UK in 2008.

This investment in technology, the largest of its kind in the UK, ensures every worktop is manufactured to precision requirements. Fabrication such as polished sink bowl cut outs, drainer grooves, breakfast bar radius profiles etc are all electronically programmed through sophisticated CAD/CAM technology meaning all our customers get a precision engineered product.

J. Rotherham has water recycling and filtration systems within the granite and quartz factories to help natural sustainability and ensure that every effort is made to create the very best finish for your worktop.

The crisp detailing ensured by hand finishing creates the best synergies for quality between our state-of-the-art machinery and the skilled craftsmanship we promote.

J. Rotherham have trained hundreds of masons over the history of the company and many of our most reliable and talented team members are still with us today after decades of service with the company.
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<strong>Installation Teams</strong>
Personable and professional, all J. Rotherham installation teams have passed our demanding courses to ensure that every one of our representatives who installs your worktops is trained to the very highest standards.

<strong>Flush fitting joints and matching adhesives</strong>
Our specialist knowledge in working solid surface materials for over 80 years means we have extensive experience in what constitutes good quality joints and all our materials have specific colour codes for glues and adhesives that have to be used with each material to ensure consistent quality across our installations.

<strong>Care and Maintenance Kit</strong>
Every worktop is provided with our Care and Maintenance Kit as standard. Following the guidelines will keep your worktops looking new for many years to come!

J. Rotherham has the largest stockyard of any manufacturer in the UK, allowing exceptionally fast turnaround on projects across a wide range of popular materials. Our expertise and exhaustive list of global contacts within the industry also allow us to source unique, rare and highly specific material requirements.

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