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From windowsills and kitchen islands to bathroom floors and shower cladding, Unistone provides a wonderful range of application options. An extremely hard compound stone comprising up to 93% natural quartz and 7% binding adhesive, Unistone utilises the renowned Breton technology during its production.

This range of durable yet beautiful Unistone worktops comes in a choice of over 30 exclusive colours, from ivory through to deep charcoal grey and obsidian black. Unistone products are an incredibly flexible and practical addition to any space, delivering style, functionality and versatility.

What are the benefits?

One of the key benefits of Unistone is that it’s food-safe and antibacterial, as well as being acid-, scratch- and smudge-resistant, so it’s guaranteed to be long-lasting. The strong composition of this material makes it ideally suited to kitchen worktops and islands, but it can also be used to great effect in bathrooms for showers or wall cladding as it can tolerate humid conditions perfectly. For this reason, they are effective not just as work surfaces but also as a viable solution for table tops, desks and window sills – or any application where spillages or condensation may be an issue.

Because Unistone is also an environmentally-friendly product, it lacks volatile combustion within its minerals, so it’s verified by organisations like Greenguard and NSF – this makes it a suitable material for use in environments where children are, food preparation industries like restaurants and commercial spaces, and even hospitals. This material doesn’t harbour bacteria or provide an environment for it to develop inside, so it’s perfect for maintaining a hygienic home, plus it’s easy to clean so it’s great for busy households.


Unistone worktops are incredibly durable and hard-wearing, so they’re great for home cooks and busy kitchens where they’re likely to get knocked or spilled on, and the non-porous surface means they won’t stain. Even acidic liquids like vinegars or citrus juice won’t penetrate or damage the surface. Unistone countertops are also food-safe, so you can prepare food directly on the worktop without the worry of contamination or toxins entering your food. Because quartz is often harder-wearing than other granite materials, it’s practically maintenance-free and can be used to great effect for a number of different applications, from wall cladding and stair treads to internal window sills, vanity tops and flooring for bathrooms or kitchens.

The entire Unistone range is based on the natural beauty of quartz stone, giving an elegant and refined feel to any room. As one of the leading suppliers of quartz work surfaces, Unistone is the perfect choice for those focusing on price and quality.Quartz worktops are crack-resistant, as well as repelling mould and mildew to prevent bacteria from forming. They are also immune to the effects of freezing and thawing, and highly resistant to impact and chipping, with high flexural strength to deliver a long-lasting product that comes in a wide variety of Unistone colours to suit a range of interior styles.

Pricing and Sizing

Depending on the size of the slab and the colour option chosen, Unistone worktops can range from £800 to over £3000. With such a wide range of options, Unistone appeals to people at each stage of the budget spectrum. Get in touch with our team for a quote. Unistone is sold in slabs of 300 by 140 centimetres or larger jumbo slabs of 330 by 165 centimetres.

There are three different thicknesses of Unistone to choose from as well, including 3, 2 or 1.2 centimetres. There is also the option for different finishes. These include polished which delivers stronger colours and a glossy effect which highlights the structure and natural veins of the worktop; Letano, which is a brushed surface that is great for accentuating the natural patterns and colours of each stone; and Velluto – a matte and velvety finish that is still glossy but more muted and maintenance-friendly.

Top Colour Options

While Unistone offers a wide range of colours and natural patterns to choose from, these are our top picks and the most popular worktop styles among customers.

We have over 30 Unistone colours listed on our collections page. If you can't see the Unistone colour you want please call us as we will be able to source for you. 

Bianco Carrara

The Unistone Bianco Carrara colour option has a neutral and elegant off-white tone with mottled patches that are reminiscent of marble. What makes Bianco Carrara so appealing is its versatility – the sophisticated tone works well with a host of different styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional. This option works well for a wide variety of decorative possibilities, and it’s not limited to just kitchen worktops either.

It can also be used for bathrooms, floors and even wall cladding as a stylish interior design feature. The veins of the Bianco Carrara colourway are lighter and more delicate than the standard Carrara quartz, which has a darker vein running throughout it. However, unlike natural Carrara marble, Unistone Bianco Carrara is man made and while it may look natural, it has all the great properties of an industrial product that’s been designed to withstand wear and tear, for the best of both worlds.

Calacatta Toscane

Unistone Calacatta Toscane has thick marbled grey veins running along a white surface that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. It’s an authentic replica of Carrara marble, with the added benefit of durability and long-lasting performance. This stone, despite being a softer colour option, still provides great texture and natural patterns with subdued pigments that are great for anyone seeking a subtler palate for their home that still provides a standout feature.

It has an opaque white tone that brings the sophistication of Italian marble to your own home, no matter what application you use it for. The resins used allow for a more uniform colour and pattern across the surface which adds to that sense of architectural decoration and luxury.

Grey Savoye

Reminiscent of the much-admired Grey Savoye marble that originates from France, the Unistone Grey Savoye worktop has an elegant dark grey base tone with white flecked marbling along the surface. This style has a more subtle and random marbled texture that isn’t immediately obvious and provides a delightful texture and pattern to any area of a property.

The Unistone Grey Savoye colour option works particularly well with each of the finishes to subdue or highlight the patterns further, from the velvet finish of Velluto or Letano to soften the look and enhance the natural colour of the stone, or to bring out the white tones further with a glossy polished finish. It has a real depth of colour that really sets it apart from other interpretations of marble, making it a more unique option while still benefiting from the marble effect.

 Carrara Misterio

The Unistone Carrara Misterio worktop is a quartz stone that has a sophisticated white background to showcase a beautiful showering of grey veins. This stone has a natural and classic feel to it that will accentuate the luxury aesthetics of any home or interior application, providing a luxurious and decadent feel while still being functional. If you’re seeking something evocative of the natural marble found in northern Italy, the Unistone Carrara Misterio colour way is a brilliant option that, unlike natural marble, has been made in industrial conditions to bring more durability and stain-resistance to any application.

Scratch-resistant and tough despite the delicate appearance, this is a fantastic investment for any home or commercial space. From bar counters and flooring to kitchen work surfaces and bathrooms, Unistone Carrara Misterio is versatile and naturally stylish. It adds a touch of luminosity to any space and is effective in brightening the home, so it’s perfect for smaller spaces where you want to create the feeling of openness.

 Carrara Venatino

Unistone’s Carrara Venatinois a graceful colour option that has an immaculate white backdrop and prominent dark grey veins, bringing the natural beauty of the timeless Unistone Bianco Venatino marble from Massa, Italy, to your home. Because of the 93% crystalline quartz materials, you benefit from the stunning beauty of natural materials as well as the industrial resins that make this worktop last far longer than classic marble.

These resins also deliver a more uniform colour across the surface that is built to last for enduring performance and continuous luxury. The smooth texture of this Unitsone option is also appealing, particularly for rooms where hygiene is of utmost importance as it’s resistant to staining and can be cleaned easily.This is one of the most sought-after colours due to the trend of using white veined marble as a way of adding a fresh and stylish touch while also paying homage to tradition.

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