Choosing the Right Kitchen Materials

Topsco Explains How To Choose The Best Worktop Materials For Any Kitchen

Have you ever thought about why the kitchen is always given so much importance in a home? Why does everyone prioritize it in the list of remodelling rooms? Well, it is quite simple to answer. A kitchen is one of the most visited and strategically designed places in a house where people love to spend some time while chatting and cooking. For a hostess, the kitchen should be attractive, functional and favourable. This is because she spends most of her hours while cooking or planning to cook.

Apart from a sink and draining board, the most utilized thing in the kitchen is worktops. Whether you need to slice, cut or chop any edible ingredient, it is of tremendous help. Since kitchen worktops play a vital role in daily kitchen errands, it is advisable to choose the right worktop for your kitchen.

How Do You Know What Makes A Good Surface?

As far as solid worktops are concerned, quartz worktops are one of the most affordable, with granite worktops offering the benefits of a solid natural surface, although at a higher cost.

Stainless steel is also a popular choice, especially by professional cooks and chefs, although increasingly stainless steel is being used for kitchens at home. When combined with a bold highlight colour for tiles, stainless steel can look fantastic.

Benefits of Granite Worktops

For any homeowner, granite worktops can be a good choice of material for practical use and as well as aesthetics for the home. Granite is a very durable material and is very hard to scratch. Its resistance to heat makes it ideal for any kitchen worktop surface.

This prevents any damage or loss of colour even when placing a hot pot onto the surface straight from the stove. A granite worktop is very easy to clean and does not require much maintenance to maintain its new look even after many years.

Marble Worktops

For a much smoother and unique look, marble carries the day. For this reason you will mostly find this in many urban homes even for bathtubs and bathroom worktops.

Although it looks great, some of its drawbacks include the fact that it is much more porous compared to granite so you will have to keep off the water if you want it to last longer. Due to the fact that the two rocks have slightly different properties, this makes them convenient for varying circumstances.

The care that is required to maintain a marble counter makes it recommendable for home use. Since granite is much more resistant, it is suitable for both commercial as well as home use. Big hotels and restaurants are more likely to use granite as opposed to its alternative.

When you find it difficult to choose the perfect worktops, you can take the help of professional kitchen experts like Topsco in London, we can fish out the right material based on your choice and budget.

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