How to Adopt the White Quartz Trend in Your Home

While many trends are known to come and go, some styles are truly eternal when it comes to interior design. 

From bloggers to celebrities, home cooks to professionals, the white quartz trend seems to be appearing in everybody’s kitchen in the last couple of years and there’s many reasons as to why the surface is so popular. 

Whether you have a high-end budget or are looking for simple ways to spruce-up your living space, here’s how to adopt the white quartz worktop trend for both a timeless and stylish home makeover.

Match To Your Colour Scheme

One of the most appealing traits of white quartz it that it’s so easy to match it to the rest of your home’s aesthetic. 

Interior design is not only fun but it’s a great way to show your personality through your home, which is why it’s a good idea to start off with a neutral base such as white, and then adapt this to suit your own individual and signature style.

Quartz is available in a variety of different hues and finishes – from sparkling to matte, marble effect to grain, slim and sleek to thick and dense.

Whatever style the rest of your home is in, the white quartz trend can perfectly fit the themes and designs to both match and complement its vibe.

Another benefit of white quartz is its colour, as it will never go out of style and will always match the other shades and colours you have around the rest of your home – whether these are subtle and sophisticated, or bold and bright. 

You can mix up the colour scheme and style of your kitchen multiple times, all safe in the knowledge that your work surface will match.

Choose a Low-Maintenance Solution

White quartz provides excellent value for money in your kitchen, with the material being both robust, low maintenance and timeless – so you won’t be paying out more money in a few years down the line once the trend is over, as can be the case for many other kitchen designs. 

Quartz doesn’t require any fancy cleaning equipment to keep it looking brand new, and instead needs just soap and water to ensure it remains clean and tidy. Many other kitchen materials and worktops require a lot of attention to ensure they remain looking new and flawless, which not only takes times but also money.

The surface of quartz is both stain and scratch-resistant, meaning you can prepare food directly onto to the counter instead of buying expensive kitchen accessories and boards to work on to. 

Whether you’re kneading dough or assembling a snack, white quartz can keep up with the general wear-and-tear of activities in the kitchen. It’s naturally cool temperature also makes it an ideal surface for working with chocolate and pastry, which is why so many foodies and professional cooks are fans of the material in their own homes.

Mix and Match Styles

Neutral colours will never go out of fashion, which is why a white quartz kitchen is a win-win investment. All-white kitchens, in particular, can not only have a trendy and contemporary feel to their aesthetic, but also a cosy and nostalgic one, too. 

The trend is also an excellent choice for smaller kitchens, with the shiny, white surface helping to make the space look bigger and more open than a darker style would.

From A-listers with contemporary kitchens to country farmhouses – everyone is making the change to a white quartz kitchen. It’s an on-trend option but it is also timeless, and it works well with a range of styles, so even as décor trends come and go, you won’t have to worry about replacing the quartz worktop in order for it to stay in style. 

Incorporate Splashbacks

It’s not just your worktop that you can incorporate white quartz into – it can also work wonderfully as a stylish and elegant splashback that will protect your walls while also adding a sophisticated and attention-grabbing feature to your kitchen. Splashbacks are often just seen as something functional, but they can also be made into more of an aesthetic choice, which white quart works great for. 

Whether you have a small kitchen and want something subtle and practical, or you have a larger space and you want to really showcase the quartz and its beautiful properties, white quartz splashbacks are a stylish solution that can work at any scale. You can also include upstands to really blend the whole look together and create a consistent and seamless look. 

Use Quartz in Utility Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but there are other areas of your property where you may need a practical work area. 

Utility rooms often include sinks and work areas, and a white quartz worktop or splashback can be ideal in these areas for a neutral, stylish and elegant solution that can tolerate water and temperature changes perfectly. 

Whether you use your utility area as an extension of your kitchen or you use it as a laundry room, having a white quartz work surface can help you blend the look of your kitchen into other areas of your property for a cohesive look.

Final Thoughts

White quartz has long been a favourite in kitchens and it’s clear to see why – it’s a durable, low-maintenance and stylish option that is cost-effective and works brilliantly with a wide range of styles. 

From traditional country-style houses to contemporary apartments, white quartz works with a host of different properties. 

If you want to adopt the white quartz trend into your home, your kitchen is the perfect place to do so but it can also work as a great material for utility rooms as a functional while still beautiful work surface.

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