Worktop Collection

Hardworking and striking, from quart and marble to granite and quartzite, our worktop collection caters to a broad spectrum of styles for an elegant and long-lasting addition to your space. Our products are durable enough to stand the test of time and will continue to elevate your kitchen, bathroom or office space for years to come.

  • Type

  • Style

  • Colour

Brillo Branco

Super White

Ice Mix

Ice Gris

Ice Branco

Glitter Noir

Glitter Branco

Cafe Gris

Branco Cinzento

Statuario Vegle

Statuario Milan

San Vincente

Roma Grey

Roma Black


New England


Marbre Carrara






Calacatta Vegle

Calacatta Milan

Statuario Grigio

Statuario Leather


Calacatta Leather

Calacatta Grigio

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