The process starts with raw quartz crystals mixed with meticulously resourced natural stones with sizes that range from coarse grains to rock salt size. Once the stone crystals have gone through quality control they are selected for use and ground they are expertly blended with cutting edge chemical bonding agents and bespoke colour to produce a beautifully finished durable worktop that is absolutely full of character.

Our Quartz comprises 93% quartz and 7% bonding agents. This mixture is heated and undergoes a process called vibro compaction to form a solid, durable and impenetrable surface. Once the slabs have been formed they run through the same polishing line as our marble and granite worktops giving you an impeccable finish of the highest quality. Fastidious quality control measures are observed throughout the process to eliminate any stones that do not have the exceptional qualities we require for our engineered stone. This critical production process guarantees consistent quality throughout every slab meaning that the samples you receive are a perfect representation of the end product allowing you to make a completely informed decision about your perfect worktops. Contact us now for a sample

Below are a sample of our most popular materials. If there is a particular colour you are after please get in contact we are always happy help.

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