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Granite Worktops Surrey

Granite worktops are famed for their natural beauty, and no two pieces of stone are alike. As the providers of the granite worktops Surrey customers recommend, we know how to bring out the best of this stunning material. We source our granite from a trusted network of suppliers, and we are able to vouch for its quality at all times. It’s our commitment to only use the best materials that has made us the home of the most popular granite worktops in Surrey. 

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What makes granite so desirable? Well, it’s very strong and it’s heat resistant, making it a great choice for kitchens. Naturally, granite is naturally porous. This means that water and microbes can penetrate it. We’ll make sure that it’s completely sealed though, so you can begin using your worktops right away. This is a process that’s so quick and easy when carried out professionally. 

Our granite kitchen worktops Surrey specialists have years of experience under their belts and know all there is to know about working with granite. 

The Granite Worktops Surrey Customers Recommend

We know that every single one of our customers has their own unique vision in mind, which is why we offer total customisation at every stage of the design process. You will be able to take your pick from a range of custom shaping and edge detailing options, as well as a large number of cut-outs and drainer grooves & recesses. We believe that it’s the little details that take a worktop from merely functional to truly beautiful, which is why we allow our customers to customise theirs right down to the millimetre. 

We only source the best stone for our Surrey granite kitchen worktops, so you can be sure that you are getting the finest product for your money. Granite is such a versatile stone, and it looks equally beautiful in modern and more traditional properties. While it’s a big investment, granite’s strength and timeless appeal means that you will get decades, if not more, use out of your new worktops. 

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Once you’ve chosen the granite that works for you and your space, we will get to work. Our team know how to expertly measure, cut, and polish granite. They will then seal it to protect it from any water damage. This will take somewhere around 7-15 days in total, meaning you won’t have to wait very long for your new worktops to be delivered to your door. We know that sometimes last-minute adjustments are needed to make sure that our granite worktops in Surrey are the perfect fit. If that’s the case with yours, we will be able to carry those out on site with ease. 

Want to know more about us and our granite worktops? Then reach out to a member of our team today! They will answer any questions that you may have, giving you the confidence to proceed. We’ll pay you a visit when it’s convenient for you, so we can measure up and talk to you about what you want from your new worktops. 

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