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Everyone knows that your kitchen is the heart of your home. So why would you settle for anything less than perfection for the key part of your home? Your home represents a lot more than four brick walls. It’s the place you’ll watch your kids grow, the place they’ll play, cry and most of all, make a complete mess – over and over again.

As for your kitchen? Well, that’s the place they’ll make the most mess of course! Spaghetti thrown on the floor, dog slobber up the cupboards, cat fur on the countertops and tea rings staining surfaces.

The kitchen is also where you’ll laugh with your friends while drinking wine and eating cheese – if you’re fancy. Give your kitchen a break, a thank you for putting up with the spills and scratches and flour fights.

Refresh its stained worktop and uplift the mood with a brand spanking new worktop. Besides, even if you are considering moving home, a new worktop could increase your home’s value and create a fresh new look ready for new memories to begin.

Kitchen worktops that suit you

How can you choose from such a variety of stunning worktop surfaces? We know it’s a tough decision to make, after all, it’ll last a long time. We suggest considering these points when coming to a decision:

Your kitchens style

How much you use your kitchen

Why you want a new worktop

What your ‘flair’ is

What you can maintain

Once you’ve got a clearer image in your mind of you dream worktop, you can browse our collection to find what suits your requirements – we’re sure you’ll see we have one of the best stone worktops collections in London. If you need advice, you can always request a quote from our experts who are dedicated to delivering you exactly what you want.

Quartz Worktops London

Quartz kitchen worktops are made from 93% quartz and 7% bonding agents. The ingredients are then heated and pressed to form a sturdy and stunning slab.

Additionally, due to the strength of quartz worktops, they are durable and nonporous – so spill as much wine as you like! Not to mention that they’re also stain resistant and super easy to clean.

Quartz worktops come in a wide range of colours so that you can make it personal. They’re very low maintenance, but as with any worktop, make sure you do not place hot objects – like pans or pots – on the surface.

Due to their man-made process, every quartz worktop has a unique look, which can mean a choice of a natural stone style and a bolder, artificial feel. It’s completely up to you! The making process also means it can be made in many different hues and colours. Hence, you can decide on a colour that fits your kitchens style and suits your cabinets and house chic.

Our selection of quartz worktops come in four different price groups for you to choose from. This means that whatever your budget, we have a worktop that will work for you.

Granite Worktops London

Made from natural stone, our granite worktops fit flawlessly with all interior styles. How do we make our granite worktops so seamlessly beautiful? We quarry the granite and then slice it down into perfectly fitting slabs, ready to become part of your kitchen.

Each slab is unique due to the natural stone’s colour variation and naturally occurring patterns. You’d be surprised by the distinctive feel each slab gives when fitted into your kitchen.

Due to granite being a porous material it requires sealing and should be re-sealed yearly. This ensures it will remain at its optimum aesthetic and durability.

You can decide upon our Kashmir gold granite worktops and Kashmir style granite; these options allow you to have a lighter coloured granite countertop.

Marble Worktops London

Known for its stylish, expensive look, marble is a popular choice of worktop material. Though its looks are elegant and subtle, it’s still just as tough as it is stunning. Though marble worktops are slightly porous, they are heat-resistant which makes up for their porosity.

With this said, marble is smooth and sleek, which makes it easy to wipe off spills. Just as granite requires sealing, so does our marble worktops. This is to stop the worktops from staining. It’s also important to note that marble is a much softer stone then granite and quartz, which means you’ll need to maintain the marbles surface more so than our other worktops.

Marble worktops are especially popular with bakers. This is because of the smooth surface that allows easy dough kneading, straight on the worktop.

In multiple hues, you can find the marble countertop that fits with your interiors perfectly. From a white base with grey roots to a deep grey with lighter roots, there’s certainly no shortage of unique hues.

What to Expect from Our Service

Purchasing a worktop from Topsco means that you’ll receive a high-quality stone kitchen surface that’s cut to size. Our worktops add value, not only with your homes buying value, but it also adds character to the heart of your home.

So why are our kitchen worktops better than any others? Because we don’t just offer a worktop and leave our customers to deal with the rest; we go further and offer installation, cut-to-size fit, chipped surface repairs and maintenance for your worktop.

It shows that we care about our customers. We want to make you happy and we want your kitchen to showcase your personality. We believe the kitchen is the heart of your home, so it deserves to be treated well.

It’s the place you’ll make everyday memories, so why wouldn’t you want to remember a stunning stone worktop that was easy to clean and stood strong through every spill, bash and scratch.

Not to mention that each of our three stones come in multiple shades and hues; you can pick out an unflawed texture and colour for your kitchen.

Why do we put so much work and effort into cutting the best-suited kitchen worktop for you? Because we believe in delivering a personal service that ensures you get the most out of your worktops life. We believe that our worktops should give you joy and brighten up your morning coffee.

We believe in giving you a service, not just selling you a product; and our 10-year warranty gives you this service.

So, if you ask us why we do what we do, our answer will always be – for you, of course.

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