Stylish kitchen Worktops in Surrey

Selecting the Best Kitchen Worktops For Your Home

Your kitchen is an important hub in your home. Not only is it where you cook nourishing meals for your family, it’s often a gathering spot for tea or coffee and during parties and get-togethers. Plus, a kitchen is a great place to invest in your home. It’s one of the few remodels that has proven effective in raising home values.

Whether you’re looking to make your kitchen feel homier or to increase the value of your home through a remodel, don’t overlook the worktops. They are one of the first things a person sees when they walk into a kitchen.

If you’re looking for kitchen worktops in Surrey, you may be surprised by the numerous options you have to personalise your kitchen. Not only can worktops be cut to size to fit your current or future kitchen design, but materials and colours vary. With the help of an expert, you can select the kitchen worktop that best suits your home and your style.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktop Material

What’s the best kitchen work surface? The true answer depends on your needs. To determine which material may make the best kitchen worktop for you, think about:

The style of your kitchen

How much use your kitchen gets

What you find visually appealing

Your expectations from a worktop

The amount of maintenance you can commit to

With these ideas in mind, you’ll be ready to contrast the different types of worktops available and make an informed decision about the best kitchen worktop for your home.

Selecting the right worktops for kitchens doesn’t have to be a trial. Seek a quote and receive expert help from a professional dedicated to quality results and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz worktops are also known as manufactured worktops. They are man made using actual quartz. Each countertop is constructed of 93% quartz and 7% bonding agent and is heated and pressed into a strong, beautiful slab.

Quartz kitchen worktops are durable and nonporous. They are stain resistant and easy to clean.

Because they are man made, quartz kitchen worktops come in a variety of colours. These worktops are low-maintenance, though one should refrain from placing hot pots or pans upon them. A trivet is always recommended to protect your investment.

Quartz kitchen worktops have their own unique look. While some mimic the look of natural stone, others make a statement. Because of the many different hues of quartz worktops, there is a likely a colour that works well with any colour cabinet, appliance, or flooring.

Quartz kitchen worktops have proven to be extremely popular because of their variety and durability. Take a look at the variety of colours and our gallery to see more.

At TOPSCO, we offer four different quartz price groups so you can select the option that works best for your budget and your kitchen.

Benefits of Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite kitchen worktops are made from natural stone. Granite is quarried and then cut down to the appropriate size. Because it is naturally occurring, colouration varies from stone to stone as well as within the same slab. This can lend a very distinctive look to your kitchen worktops.

Granite is durable and heat-resistant. It requires sealing, as it is a porous material. Granite should be maintained with yearly sealing to keep it looking its best.

Most granite worktops are darker in colour, however, we do feature two styles—Kashmir Gold and Kashmir Style—for those individuals who prefer lighter coloured worktops.

Granite worktops are often a selling point for homes as they are highly desirous. They are one of the most popular types of kitchen worktops because of their durability and look.

Benefits of Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble is a natural metamorphic rock. It is hard and porous, though granite is harder. Marble kitchen worktops are heat-resistant and lend a natural, elegant, classic beauty.

Marble kitchen worktops require sealing to help ward off stains and keep them looking their best. They provide a great surface for bakers who like knead dough right on their worktops.

Marble worktops come in multiple different hues, from white with distinctive grey veins to black worktops.

Because it is the softest stone we carry, it is important to note that marble kitchen worktops do require more upkeep than either granite or quartz. Thanks to its unique, classic look, however, marble is gaining more popularity in the kitchen.

  • Before we spoke to the guys at TOPSCO we didn’t really know what we wanted, there is a lot of choices! Everyone was so helpful and the fitters did a perfect job, all in a day! We went through everything and now we are so happy with our new worktops, thanks!

    Mr & Mrs Holloway

  • We have been meaning to replace our worktops for ages but it seemed like such a hassle. TOPSCO sorted everything out for us and made it so easy. They were totally professional and did everything when they said they would.

    Mr & Mrs Coleman

What You Can Expect

At TOPSCO, we provide the highest quality kitchen worktops for our clients. Our kitchen worktops are cut to size so they fit smoothly into their new homes and add immediate value to their surroundings. Not only are they hard wearing, but they’re beautiful, too. With multiple shades and three stones to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right kitchen worktop for your home.

TOPSCO doesn’t just sell and custom cut kitchen worktops, we also serve our clients by installing our premier kitchen worktops, maintaining previously installed worktops, and repairing chipped worktops. Our goal is to keep our clients happy throughout the lifecycle of their worktops and to help them maximize their longevity.

In addition, we offer customisation such as different edge profiles and shaping so we can craft the perfect kitchen worktop for your needs and style. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time lovingly cooking meals in the kitchen, being able to determine what works best for you can help you fully enjoy your time cooking and baking. At TOPSCO, we believe in quality products and quality service—that’s why we offer a 10-year warranty for our worktops. Our worktop experts have years of experience working to meet the needs and tastes of our clients and are specially trained in our demanding fitter’s course. We strive to help our clients select their perfect kitchen worktop so they can fully enjoy their kitchens. If you’re ready for your kitchen makeover, let us know so we can help you through the process and help you craft the kitchen of your dreams.

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