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Looking to add a brand-new counter to your home? Then why not go bespoke with a made to order gold quartzite worktop? Here at Topsco, we have many years of experience when it comes to cutting and installing worktops that have been designed with a client’s unique taste and needs in mind.

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Quartzite is a very beautiful stone and has enjoyed years of enduring popularity with our customers. Why is it such a hit with them? Well, it’s actually UV-resistant, meaning that its colours won’t fade in the sunlight. So, no matter how bright the room gets, a gold kitchen quartzite worktop will still look just as vibrant years after you have bought it.

Quartzite is also an incredibly strong material, so it can stand up to lots of daily wear and tear - making it ideal for use throughout the home. All of the worktops that we make come pre-sealed for your convivence too, allowing you to start using them right away.

Golden Fusion

Fusion Black

Crystallo Juliette

Chateu De Blanc

Caribbean Island

Blue Roma

A gold worktop is a real style statement and marks you out as someone who isn’t content to follow the crowd. However, it’s still a timeless choice. Our Crystallo Juliette and Chateu De Blanc worktops are made up of stylish neutral tones with gorgeous gold accents – perfect for those who just want a hint of golden warmth in their kitchen. For those who want something decidedly bolder, our Golden Fusion and Blue Roma worktops are guaranteed to be real talking points. Whatever your style, you are sure to find a worktop that’s the right fit for you.

We do provide samples of all the worktops that we sell, so if you are struggling to choose between a few in our gold quartzite range, please don’t hesitate to order some samples to take a look at in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to make a much more informed decision when you can examine them more closely. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them before you place your order.

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